86 in 2019 students completed our on-the-job training
35 universities qualified our engineering team specialists
350 interns were certified by our academic programs
2640+ combined years of experience were invested in the company by our engineers

Youth development

Progresstech Ukraine extensively invests in its future team. We focus both on individuals who have recently chosen their career interests and ones who are just getting started. Our goals are to develop and promote engineering education in Ukraine, make it more applicable, and discover and support young talent. We offer many socio-educational initiatives and learning programs. We have launched a number of projects with major Ukrainian universities and engaged them in supporting the global engineering community.  

Career for professionals

It is impossible to be a flagship engineering company without a high-end team of professionals. Our company strives to hire accomplished, well-experienced engineers and managers who are willing to join the team. Our HR staff will help each and every newcomer to find the best fit, apply his/her knowledge, master new skills and practices, and adapt to customer-driven engineering procedures. Additionally, we realized an in-house professional development system for our employees.

Career for students

Progresstech Ukraine offers students and graduates of technical universities a full range of career education programs, which help future engineers to enhance their basic skills and learn the best ways to apply them. The education is based on the advanced standards of modern engineering and gives young people substantial advantage when seeking jobs with major engineering centers and companies in Ukraine.


The fair range and dynamic growth of our business offers various career opportunities for engineers who decide to join the company. Our HR managers will review the applicant’s CV and appraise his/her professional qualities, work experience, knowledge of CAD/CAM/CAE systems, and English skills – mandatory qualifications for international projects. You can find out more about our career opportunities in the engineering centers of Ukraine here.