Partners and customers

The Boeing Company
The Boeing Company

The Boeing Company highly evaluated the professional level of our engineers for the first time in 2013, as part of a consolidated team effort by the Progresstech group of companies (today, Progresstechgroup). At that time, Progresstech was among the 16 most effective participants in Boeing’s global supplier network, having been awarded “Supplier of the Year.”

Acknowledging the strong engineering team of the Progresstech group’s Ukrainian branch, Boeing started closer cooperation with the company in 2014. From then on, Progresstech Ukraine’s engineers have been engaged in all Boeing Commercial Airplanes programs, including the creation of the newest aircraft.

After four years of close cooperation, Progresstech Ukraine was honored by Boeing for our exceptional performance and high-quality work with the 2017 Performance Excellence Award.

Boeing also added their support to the dual study programs offered by Progresstech Ukraine and Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI). Projects include the Joint Training Center at KPI; launching a dual Master’s program; establishing new up-to-date aviation specializations, lectures, and workshops for students; retraining and certification for faculty; internships for KPI at the Boeing facilities in Renton and Everett. 

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, one of the largest educational centers in Europe, became the main partner for implementing educational and training programs initiated by Progresstech Ukraine.

Our pilot and largest partnership project, the Joint Training Center at KPI, was launched in the summer of 2014.

This center, equipped with modern computer equipment with access to the latest system of computer-assisted design solutions, acquired the status of a cross-functional platform for implementing most of Progresstech Ukraine and KPI’s joint programs, including:

  • upgrade and certification course for technical university faculty,
  • semi-anual 3-month professional engineer course for students and graduates of Ukrainian technical universities,
  • training students for the new master’s specializations, established by KPI and Progresstech Ukraine, and perfectly adapted to the demands of the modern engineering services market,
  • dual Master’s programs which combine study at KPI with hands-on experience in Progresstech Ukraine’s engineering projects.

Американская торговая палата в Украине
Американская торговая палата в Украине

В 2021 году Прогресстех-Украина присоединилась к Американской торговой палате в Украине.

Эта неправительственная неприбыльная организация создана в 1992 году. Тогда она стала первым в Украине авторитетным международным бизнес-сообществом.

На сегодняшний день Палата – одно из крупнейших и наиболее эффективных объединений предприятий, работающих в Украине. Она представляет интересы более 600 компаний-членов, чьи инвестиции в Украину суммарно превышают 50 млрд долларов.

Американская торговая палата в Украине является частью глобальной сети торговых палат США и ее крупнейшим представительством в Европе. Она тесно сотрудничает с органами государственной власти в интересах обеспечения прозрачных, справедливых и стабильных правил ведения бизнеса, развития, модернизации и повышения конкурентоспособности украинской экономики.

Американская торговая палата располагает мощной B2G (Business to Government) платформой для продвижения приоритетных вопросов повестки дня бизнес-сообщества. В ее составе – профильные комитеты, рабочие группы, клубы и хабы. Помимо этого, созданная Палатой платформа B2B (Business to Business) позволяет компаниям-членам расширить сеть деловых коммуникаций, создать и усилить горизонтальные бизнес-связи.

European Business Association
European Business Association

In spring 2019, Progresstech Ukraine joined the European Business Association (EBA), founded in 1999 with support from the European Commission in Ukraine.

Today, EBA is by far the most powerful and populous community of enterprises on the Ukrainian market. It includes over 1,000 companies, along with a number of Ukrainian branch offices of the largest international enterprises.

EBA focuses its activities particularly on complying Ukrainian legislation with EU standards, enhancing business conditions, improving the investment climate, and supporting the interaction and development of its member companies.

Joining the EBA gave Progresstech Ukraine access to the full range of effective tools created by the Association, including:

  • EBA committeesplatforms for teamwork to improve the business environment and remove obstacles for business activity;
  • scheduled meetings with government officials as an effective dialog framework between the authorities and business;
  • workshops, lectures, seminars, business games, and the other professional development programs for member companies’ staff.

U.S.-Ukraine Business Council
U.S.-Ukraine Business Council

The U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) was founded in 1995 as a non-profit trade association. It has headquarters in Washington D.C. USUBC operates within the interests of American companies working in Ukraine, as well as with Ukrainian companies having business relationships with U.S. enterprises.

USUBC has over 200 members, including renowned transnational corporations and leading U.S. and Ukrainian enterprises from all sectors of business bilateral cooperation.

Progresstech Ukraine has been a member of USUBC since 2019. The company has a seat on the Board of Directors, USUBC’s decision-making body, which defines its policies.

The main areas of USUBC activity are assistance in development of bilateral trade cooperation, and arranging regular meetings between U.S. and Ukrainian business leaders and political elites.  USUBC supports measures aimed at improving the investment climate in Ukraine, establishing rule of law, enabling competition, and increasing the transparency of business procedures.

The National Aerospace Educational Center for Youth
The National Aerospace Educational Center for Youth

The National Aerospace Educational Center for Youth was created in 1996 in the city of Dnipro (previously Dnipropetrovsk) at the initiative of the National Space Agency of Ukraine.

The Center’s main activities are the promotion among young people of knowledge and achievements in aviation and astronautics, and the creation of a system for training qualified specialists for the aerospace industry.

The Center has an exhibition complex, the Museum of Aviation and Cosmonautics. There are site-collected samples of rocket and space equipment, from the first space gears to unique multifunctional stations and Earth and Sun monitoring systems.

In November 2019, Progresstech Ukraine and the National Aerospace Educational Center for Youth launched the joint dual engineering training "Fundamentals of Aircraft Engineering", based in Dnipro. The training course is designed for students and graduates of technical universities and colleges, and includes practical aircraft engineering in all areas of expertise.

The training lasts for nine months. Graduates who successfully complete the program can be hired for engineering work with Progresstech Ukraine.

The Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs
The Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

The Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs was founded in 2016 to support a favorable business environment in Ukraine, protect the rights of enterprises, and promote innovation. It is considered the first community of Ukrainian entrepreneurs completely independent of political, industry, and regional business elites.

The Union upholds freedom of enterprise and rule of law, stands for equal and transparent conditions for business in Ukraine, and advocates to the government for taking effective steps to bolster internal investments into the Ukrainian economy. In the first four years of the Union’s activities, more than 850 companies in all regions of Ukraine joined it.

Progresstech Ukraine joined the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs in spring 2018, and in December it was recognized with the Union's annual award, "Discovery of the Year." According to the Union’s experts, the key factors that propelled Progresstech Ukraine to the top of the nominees list were:

  • 25% export increase of high-tech services in 2018;
  • 60% increase of intellectual workplaces over the previous 2 years;
  • launch of dual training programs for qualified engineers together with Ukrainian universities.