Youth development

Dual education

Progresstech Ukraine together with leading technical universities, and with support from the Boeing company, launched a series of dual education programs and projects to upgrade the educational system, including:

  • Master’s training tailored for employment with Progresstech Ukraine;
  • Employment training courses for students and graduates in Kiev and Kharkov;
  • New Master’s degree tracts in response to market demands for modern engineering;
  • Refresher training for faculty;
  • Internships for students in our design center;
  • Technical re-equipping of university classrooms;
  • Teaching aids.

Most of our dual education programs are conducted by the Joint Training Center, established by KPI and Progresstech Ukraine in 2014.

Support for student creativity

We support university projects which enable students to work effectively as team players and turn engineering ideas into real products.

In 2016, Progresstech Ukraine revived the legendary aviation project group that was active 100 years ago at KPI.

Today, dozens of students who have joined the KPI Aircraft team are mastering methods to calculate strength structures, 3D modeling, production technology, and model management skills.

We also supported the team ‘Formula KPI Student’, which has become a regular participant in the largest international competition of university engineering car projects, Formula SAE.

For the competition, students on their own design, produce, test, and run a car in the races.