Career opportunities for students

We welcome all alumni of technical universities and current graduate students to join our engineering team. Our priorities during the competitive hiring process include knowledge of basic engineering skills, CAD systems skills, and ability to think outside the box and make exceptional decisions.

Proficiency in English is also extremely important for Progresstech Ukraine engineers to effectively participate in international projects.

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Progresstech Ukraine together with leading national technical universities offer additional training for senior students and graduates. Studying in our academic programs significantly increases the chance of being hired by Progresstech Ukraine, and, once employed, will help with quick adjustment to teamwork on complicated engineering projects.

Training program "Fundamentals of Aircraft Engineering" at KPI in Kyiv

The Joint Training Center KPI and Progresstech Ukraine have been offering the three-month evening program "Fundamentals of aircraft engineering" twice a year since summer 2014.

Courses are designed to prepare graduate students and alumni of any technical university for work in leading high-tech industries engineering centers.

The curriculum for "Fundamentals of aircraft engineering" is designed and constantly updated to meet the real global market needs for intellectual services.

Competitive admissions are conducted in March and September every year.

Engineering development program for all regions of Ukraine

The engineering development program “Airframe Structural Design and Sizing” was created in 2020. Like most of our educational projects, it is designed to prepare university students and graduates for professional engineering work, but it has a number of differences. The new format of classes, the increased duration of training, and the nuances of the curriculum have opened up additional opportunities for young people.

In-depth engineering training is now available to applicants from all regions of the country, and not just from the largest cities. The opportunity to study was also given to young people who were not planning to work in the aerospace industry when they chose a university. Previously, they did not study specialized disciplines that are important for aviation engineering, but now they will be able to master them in our classes.

Master’s degree dual education program at KPI in Kyiv

Our flagship dual education program was launched in 2017, a master’s degree program from Progresstech Ukraine and KPI. For admission, one must have a bachelor's degree from any technical university, successfully pass pre-hiring shortlisting for an engineering position with the company, and pass KPI’s entrance exams.

Program participants receive an education in one of Ukraine’s best technical universities along with all the benefits of working as an engineer at Progresstech Ukraine.

Internship for technical university students in Kyiv

In cooperation with partner universities, Progresstech Ukraine takes on full-time undergraduate and graduate students for internships.

Interns go through basic engineering training with the company, master the basics of aircraft engineering, and acquire CAD skills.

After a successful internship, students can be hired by the company. Internship duration and curriculum are determined by the university.