Aircraft engineering

Design & Manufacturing

Design & Manufacturing

Progresstech Ukraine provides engineering services for the aircraft manufacturing industry. We deliver integrated solutions across concept and layout design, stress analysis, and manufacturing engineering. Our balanced engineering team, experienced in major commercial airplane programs with the world's leading OEMs, design composite and metallic parts of primary and secondary structures, systems, and interiors.

Sustain Engineering

Having worked with most major aircraft manufacturers, Progresstech Ukraine has earned its excellent reputation for on-time, high quality, cost-effective engineering and 24/7 support of aircraft production. Our engineers participated in numerous MRB Design and Stress analysis projects.

Conversion Engineering

Progresstech Ukraine offers re-design engineering services for conversion of existing aircraft from original configuration to a new use, e.g. passenger plane to cargo freighter. All the re-design is supported by our stress analysis, including preparing results for certification. The work can include tooling design and on-site support when it IS necessary for our customer.

Aftermarket Support

Our strengths across the entire aircraft life cycle include MRO engineering and fleet support, STCs justification, ground support equipment, design and modification engineering, and performance improvement for commercial aircraft. Our service engineers, designers, and stress analysts provide around-the-clock technical support for daily operations and when unexpected or major repairs are needed.

Technical Publications

Our English-fluent team of technical specialists provides technical publication services. We develop and provide operating manuals, commercial aircraft repair manuals, virtual repair maintenance manuals, interactive parts catalogs, and technical illustrations for our customers’ long- and medium-haul aircraft, regional aircraft, and business jets.

Scope of work

Stress analysis

  • Analysis of initial loads
  • Static analysis
  • Advice on engineering design
  • Finite element modeling
  • Detailed stress analysis of aircraft structure, including composites
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Damage tolerance analysis
  • Designing prototypes for static tests of an aircraft and development of test programs
  • Designing prototypes for durability and damage tolerance tests of an aircraft and development of test programs
  • Weight optimization at every stage of design; after-static, durability, damage tolerance, and flight tests
  • Preparation of certification reports
  • Stress analysis at operator requests



  • Airframe
    • fuselage
    • wing
    • empennage
    • pylons
  • Aircraft systems
    • flight control
    • conditioning
    • automatic pressure control
    • oxygen
    • electric
    • hydraulic
    • fuel
    • vent and fuel-tank pressurization
  • Interiors
    • heat and sound insulation
    • interior panels
    • overhead compartments
    • cabin partitions
    • installation of all cabin interior elements, including service area equipment and systems, galleys, and lavatory units


Production engineering support

  • Development of technological processes for final aircraft assembly, assembly support on site
  • Design of fixtures and tools
  • Optimization of technological processes 


Preparation of maintenance documentation

  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
  • Flight Information Manual (FIM)
  • Structural Repair Manual (SRM)
  • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
Implemented projects